ZZ TOP on the Tonight Show

September 21, 2012 by User 6 Comments

Tune in tonight, Friday September 21st, to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC to see ZZ Top performing "I Gotsta Get Paid" LIVE! 11:35pm/10:35pmCT!

  1. Guy Steele avatar

    Was flipping through the channels and landed on Leno introducing ZZ Top. I stopped to watch. The song was a sawtooth-edged Texas kickass blues version of an obscure gangsta hip-hop tune once dubbed "25 Lighters". ZZ's brand, "I Gotsta Get Paid" smoked it good. Billy laid down the scratchy riff. Rusty chimed in with the grinding, smokey backbeat. Beard quietly smoldered on drums. Next morning I googled ZZ and 25 Lighters and got a link to a YouTube clip of their live concert in Copenhagen last July. Never worry that those beards are gonna get stained with creamed corn and tomato soup. ZZ's still got it, and in spades. "La Futura" is an instant classic and will rock the filings outta your molars. Keep spreadin' the jam, Boys.

  2. teths avatar

    you gentlemen have been greatly missed!!!!!!!!

  3. Ricochet avatar

    Please tell me that not a single concert promoter tried to book the greatest 3 Piece Band in the world, in Phoenix which has by the way, over 3 million people in the surrounding area. Anyhow I'm looking forward to the show tonite.

  4. rock avatar

    missed tonite show, got the new stuff. thank God for ZZ Top. Please do more we need it sooooo bad.

  5. Moo8634 avatar

    Still sounding awesome. Can't wait to see you in Sugar Land, Texas for your concert.

  6. BeverlyPlanner avatar

    Was on plane with them last night from Houston...nice guys, very down to earth...will definitely watch Leno tonight.

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