1. Craigo avatar

    Did anyone on here go???

  2. zz man avatar

    sounds cool.

  3. biglegwoman avatar

    Are we missing Bill Ham(1st manager), or Norleen(ran original and BEST Fan Club!) yet?...

  4. Victoria avatar

    I know.....I purchased 6..... its 1;30 pm in the afternoon and I am still trying to get answers.

  5. Beer_Drinker avatar

    Exactly Victoria! I'm STILL waiting for my VIP ticket for Saturday's show in Mansfield, MA. It looks like I got ripped off! Thanks a lot "Ground Control LLC" as you are the promoter for this event! I paid over $250 bucks and I got nothing!!! Where is ZZ Top's management??? They should be making sure that this crap doesn't happen!! I WILL find a way to report this to ZZ Top and/or ZZ Top's managment, etc. I'm calling the Comcast Center in Mansfield tomorrow (Friday, 9/7/12), and they BETTER say that I'm on the Will Call list! If not, I will consider legal action against any, and all parties involved. Dave Kelly, Clinton, NY....DaveBlaze777@msn.com.

  6. Victoria avatar

    Yea....Pre-order.... and what, like the tickets that most of us are still waiting for???