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August 30, 2012 by User 4 Comments

ZZ Top has been nominated for Classic Rock Magazine's Band of the Year award! Vote for them here:

  1. jovig35 avatar

    Wow thought i was the only one at the glenside show who came across this vote!! btw i did see your truch that truck was awesome glad u got it signed. Dusty&Frank were great people signed my album cover with out a hitch also Frank even took a picture with me witch was more that i could have asked for! Saw Billy since his bus came into the parking lot and not to bother him i left him alone, did get a few good pictures of him that u and see in my avaitar, finaly i was close enough to ask him for for his autograph on the album, told me he was busy witch and that he would sign anything after the show that night (completely respected that answer) did go see the show, awesome sound and the 3 brought the house down!!! end of the show i just went out side to ware the bus was parked hoping he would see me and maybe get luckly enough to give me the autograph on my album, walked right past me even telling him great show and he said thanks! i waited there with only 6 other people for 3 and half hrs just to have my hero( iam a guitar player of 25 years) sign that album, well 145 roled around last call, asked his tour manager if there was any posability and he just shook his head like he wasent sure the bus road away and i was left there with just mu pick in my hand!!!
    PS. Billy if u didnt want anything to do with the adults u could ave said no but took care of the little guy no more than 12 years old standing there like a trooper till almost 200am! my vote is for 2 out of the 3 members, i am adult i am over it but really Billy a kid lets get real!

  2. Ecam Racing Engines avatar

    Hi; I was at the Keswick, in Glenside PA. I was the guy with the Green S 10 Race Truck . Just wanted to say Thank you to . Dusty & John that signed my Wing on the truck, seen Billy all day , but would NOT sing my wing what the F.
    I throught there were Three members in the Best band in the USA . THANKS !!

  3. whistling avatar

    Will do!

  4. Frank P Cerniglia III avatar

    You gots my VOTE

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