1. KITT avatar

    At last but not least, the new album ! Be sure it will spend some time in my car.
    I saw the Band in Paris last month. It was just awesome !

  2. BearFacedLyer avatar

    Soundin great ya`ll, can`t wait for the new album. UK Dates Please.....soon~!

  3. Cornsnoot avatar

    In an earlier press release we were told, "Those purchasing the four songs (Texicali EP) will benefit from a pro-rated discount on the purchase of the full album when it is released." How is that going to work exactly?

  4. SANENOMAD avatar

    Will the new album be released on vinyl - and if not, why not?! I'm probably the biggest UK fan of this great little Texicali band & saw the guys live in 2003 at London's Brixton Academy. Awesome. Can't wait for La Futura. On the strength of I Gotsa Get Paid & Chartreuse it's going to be a cracker.

    Sanenomad - Cornwall UK

  5. GRUMPY avatar

    Why are you not coming to UK would love to see you live and I am 61 but would still like to see you

  6. LarryGenePate82052 avatar

    You Guys sound Great,Keep up the great work!! Larry Gene Pate

  7. T4Texas avatar

    Rock on, you Kings of Boogie, you Masters of Texican flavored blues!