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    Would it be possible to get Billy Gibbons to sign the dashboard of my 1961 Chevy Belair bubbletop at the Sept. 9th show in Big Flats NY.? I have been a fan since i first saw them in Ithaca NY. in1972. Billy's taste in cars is unmatched and would really appreciate the opportunity to get the dash signed by him. THANKS

  2. McSnappy avatar

    What does SNAPPY need to do to get a v.i.p. package for the vegas show
    snap on hats tshirts beach towels socks i got it all

  3. beerdoh avatar

    WOW..an ol' time fan since '74.gotta be a great show as always.Seen you guys(forget?X) also during Afterburner and Recycler tours also(I think Reveens son Was involved..)Been a while and I really hope you ain't been busted n' c'mon up north to visit here in Vancouver Island/Vancouver and we can hit up a poker run/rally or two.Keep The Mudd Flowin....