1. Head Hunter avatar

    I had the VIP Gold package. When with the refunds be issued?

  2. Bamadude67 avatar

    Can't believe Wind Creek pulled that! They have had some big acts play there.
    Thanks for explaining what happened. We all thought it was weather related. Hate the show was cancelled; have been waiting to see ZZ Top for a long while, but was never in the right place at the right time. Oh well, maybe next year (though I'm sure it won't be at Wind Creek Casino).

  3. StuartSlate avatar

    Wow! I am stunned to read this. Well, after what happened at Indy last year, I suppose they (performers) can't ever again be tooooooo careful/careless. Of course, I have NO IDEA of what actually occurred. One can only assume.

    I am just severely bummed for all the fans and EVERYONE that missed out on a rompin' stompin' good time with the BANDitos.

    Sorry to all!!