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Just sending a sincere "Thanks..!" for pumping up a sizzle surrounding the iTunes "TEXICALI" 4 song digital download. A fine reception, indeed…!  We'll see ya' at the ZZ TOP show and have a ball.  XOXO  Billy, Frank, and, Dusty

  1. brunozz avatar

    Merci pour l'info Christian
    J'ai ouvert un topic dans le forum, rubrique "TOUR" histoire de voir si les francophones avaient des choses à dire, alors n'hésité pas les gens !!

  2. Finman4 avatar

    Awesome EP Bros!!! Classic sound. Y'all kickass @ Atlanta show. Got the wife hooked. C u soon.

  3. deguello avatar

    Just got the EP from iTunes France...finally :-)
    So cool, so good, so ZZ Top...Can't wait for the album, the gig in Paris at the Olympia, all those good things that make life so worthy :-)

  4. Bomber avatar

    The new stuff rocks, but when are Irish fans going to get to see them performed? I'm sure we could show you guys a great time again.

  5. Lone Wolfe Jr. avatar

    Your welcome and it was worth the wait p.s. Tell Rick good job lw

  6. StuartSlate avatar

    Love 'em but when are you ZZ Tops going to perform the new ones??? I wanna be consumed with Consumption

  7. deguello avatar

    Hi guyzz,
    I guess you're aware USA aren't the whole world...French fans in particular would have appreciated Texicali if only they had been offered the opportunity to buy it.
    Huge frustration.

  8. Craigo avatar

    Great EP guys. Looking forward to the complete Album.

  9. Muddy Wolf avatar

    Yeah, Billy et al, I know what you mean....I like the newer look and style, and the great and awesome new tunes.

  10. brunozz avatar

    pleaseeeeeeee lets all the world listen your musique !!!!!!!!!

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