1. deguello avatar

    Good to know this is available on the *US* iTunes store.
    Meaning that this is not available elsewhere (at least not from the French iTunes store).
    Well done :-(

  2. StuartSlate avatar

    Please break 'em out (at least one) Friday night in St. Augustine, Florida.

  3. brunozz avatar

    ok guys nothing on rolling stone . com for the moment, you can listen "I Gotsta Get Paid" here (you tube):

    Or Consumption:

    I can't find the two other song, but I try ... I try .....

    Brunozz from France.

  4. Squally avatar

    Therezz nothing much to see or hear on Rollingstone.com :(

  5. wheelman avatar

    Very cool of you guys to do this. It will make this summers BBQ much better, and life in general.

  6. greengator94 avatar

    If we purchase the four-song "teaser," will the discount be applied to our purchase of the cd, or just to the purchase of the digital files?

  7. Victor Martinez jr avatar

    I Gotsta get It when it getsta here.

  8. Bomber avatar

    Can't wait, but still no Irish dates.....

  9. Craigo avatar

    Great. Cant wait!!

  10. Dave__Ryan avatar

    Are there any Canadian tour dates ?