1. Trillbrill avatar

    Love being n America! Texas made Dallas raised w 25 lighters

  2. Squally avatar

    Today, it's avaiable on Itunes Belgium.

  3. Steve CANT avatar

    Phantom Top tunes!! Like other European fans I'm very disappointed not to be able to download the new EP. Why send out emails to fans promoting the new stuff when it is not really available?

  4. ZZ_Loco avatar

    Spaceship Baby, I'm lovin the new tunes :)))

  5. Magnus Allguren avatar

    I have been waiting for this moment to come for the last 30 years! If this is how the rest of the album will sound, I think it'll be the best album since 1979! I just LOVE the song Over You, that really takes you back to Rio Grande or Tres Hombres! Good job, Boys!

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  7. mkzz avatar

    If you announce in the world wide web, live up to it and release to the world.
    There is a world east of the US East Cost and west of the US West Coast....

    At least amazon.com now says they'll have it starting June 12, maybe they are better in transferring this to their non*.com business units than iTunes.....if you didn't know, people without an US-itunes idea can not buy in the US store.

  8. mkzz avatar

    [...]...The four new songs, available from iTunes and all digital retail outlets...[...]

    And your marketing and sales management is great! Man, what a joke......

  9. brunozz avatar

    mauvaise nouvelle effectivement, au moins je ne suis pas le seul français a le déplorer lol, armons nous de patience la sortie de l'album n'en sera peut être que meilleure (et puis ça va peut etre finir par arriver sur le itunes français qui sait ....)

  10. svenna avatar

    What!!! I have wait for this movement for years and It's only available for the U.S. market, this is a big disappointment for all the fans worldwide :(