1. Mak Daddy avatar

    Put your razors away.....The Guys with Beards are BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. FPK avatar

    - cool as always - and worth waitin' for, i hope theres more great stuff to come ;-)

  3. Roberto Hutabarat avatar

    I ? song

  4. h-town_mex avatar

    Great remake of DJ DMD's Houston rap classic "25 lighters"!!!!!!
    Screw fo life!!

  5. gghedd avatar

    I was lucky enough to meet them in Lucca (Italy)
    dusty has signed my banner "UNBELIEVABLE!"...
    ..This year seems no concert in Italy .. bad news.

    please come to BERGAMO \o/ \o/

  6. whomails avatar

    That's it...Hope to see you in Germany this year!!

  7. brainshake avatar

    Speechless ... pure ZZ Top ... great.


  8. Craigo avatar

    Nice!!! Cant wait for the rest to arrive :)

  9. al avatar

    Great Song, Bring on the album, Can't Bloody Wait!!

  10. Trond Ivar Midthaug avatar

    Great song! Looking forward for the new album. I am ready to get surprised next time at the liquor store:) See you at Notodden Bluesfestival, Norway.