1. Donsue avatar

    I have been looking for the past few months for the New CD that ZZ Top is putting out and can't find it. Would like to get it. Any news?

  2. bc01 avatar

    Actually, this song was written by ZZ Top back in 1972, probably right around the time DJ DMD was born.

  3. Lebdick avatar

    Very Cool and who else would think to do that but that Lill Ol Band From Texas!!! Sure hope you guys make it north of the border this tour so all your Canadian fans can rock with The Reverend Billy , Dusty & Frank!!!

  4. wheelman avatar

    Release the single lets have it! Can't wait for the new album.

  5. Magnus avatar

    Best comersial ever!!!
    I would like to see this in Sweden, as well :-)
    If I hade the opportunity to meet the ZZTOP in this Way, when I open the cooler that whould be the best ever....and have a drink thogether. Cheers from your no1 fan in Sweden.