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    "Freddie King, one of the titans of Blues and a Rock n’ Roll pioneer, will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland this weekend by two members of ZZ Top, who have long professed King’s influence on their music and existence..."

    that's a great news! Freddie King (R.I.P.) & Billy Gibbons (God always forbid him), are my absolute favorite blues guitarists.

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    A friend and myself back in the early seventies went to the Sam Houston Colosium in Houston, TX to see Eric Clapton and Freddie King who was the opening act. All I can say is Eric was out preformed on that night by Freddie. I know Eric has a deep respect for the blues and who play them. Eric picked a great opening act and Freddie showed some people who had never seen him before what get down blues and rock n' roll was all about. Freddie's induction was long over due. What better people could there be than two Texans, Billy and Dusty to induct Freddie into the Hall of Fame. I know he smiling as he is looking down.