Rio Grande Mud 40th Anniversary

April 4, 2012 by User 3 Comments

ZZ Top‘s 1972 sophomore album ‘Rio Grande Mud’ turns 40 this month. The album is best known as home to the longtime concert favorite ‘Just Got Paid,’ which features a particularly thrilling slide guitar showcase from Billy Gibbons.

‘ZZ Top’s First Album’ — yes, that’s what they called it — hadn’t made much of an impression on the charts when it came out the year before, but ‘Mud”s lead track, ‘Francine,’ which featured vocals from bassist Dusty Hill, made a bit of a dent, becoming their first charting single. (Things would really bust open for the group with 1973′s ‘Tres Hombres.’

  1. Lucas Adolfo avatar

    The Best Album of ZZ Top !!! The Best Album of the World !!! Rio Grande Mud is a sound of my Life !!! Congratulations ZZ Top !!!

  2. Dustbowl Audio avatar

    So can we please, please, plese get a CD release of the original version of this great album, even if it isn't remastered just stick the original versions of the tracks on a disc and I'll buy it. Hell, I'll buy several if it helps. I'd even offer to re-master it for free just to hear it again!

  3. danfrain avatar

    I waited a long time for this to come out. Kicked ass then, kicks ass now. I sent copies all over the U.S. to friends. They all liked the music. Hopefully, they put the word out to their friends when Tommy & Billy booked them outside of Texas.

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