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    This is my first post to you guys. I've been rockin' with ZZ Top tunes since I was in high scool in 1975. I started playing bass guitar and I have always thought that Dusty and Frank's "groove" was the best. Billy Gibbons is the best guitar player on the Planet. Back in the 90's when ZZ Top came to Albuquerque, my wife and i were getting set to go when she came down with the flu. I couldn't waste a good ticket so ,Hell, I took my Mom! You should have seen that old lady Rock! The best was when somebody actually passed her the "Herb"! She passed a year ago but I still laugh about it to this day. My "Bucket List" includes at least one more ZZ Top concert so please come back to good ole New Mexico. (Really Far West Texas)Thanks for all of the "Good Times" . Wade H.

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    Fantastic ;)

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    Here you go...GREAT