1. DonnyB avatar

    I have VIP tickets for Englewood NJ.
    Does anyone know how this works?

    When do we need to show up?
    Are we getting documentation before the show?

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  3. Ivan_E69 avatar

    The fans would like VIP meet and greet tickets in Manchester UK

  4. Master Of Reality avatar

    VIP tickets for Manchester, UK PLEASE !!!

  5. Nad avatar

    mon conjoint et moi mêm sommes de grand fan de ZZ TOP seait il possible d &voir des pass VIP pour le concert au Zénith de Dijon en France?

  6. Esh43 avatar

    Had my VIP package for the Sydney metro gig for six weeks and can't find out any info about the ticket even the promoter doesn't know. Tried emailing ground central got no reply.

  7. FUZZY DICE avatar

    who are they bringing with them?

  8. AndyE avatar

    Any chance of VIP meet and greet in Manchester uk

  9. Austin avatar

    Just got my ticket! Question: The venue & time does not appear on my order info. for Baltimore. Can I get a confirmation email?

  10. Wendys91569 avatar

    I've got a son thats been the biggest fan since he was three...he's now almost 14...what are the chances of VIP in baltimore maryland?