New "I Gotsta Get Paid" Music Video

October 12, 2012 by User 21 Comments

Watch the brand new music video for "I Gotsta Get Paid" now. New video, same formula: Cars, legs and beards.

Watch video HERE.

  1. ojbreak avatar

    YallZZ Gotsta come back to Florida weeZZgosta see Y'ALL again . The new album great !

  2. Misty2012 avatar

    Looking forward to the concert Saturday here in Arizona. There is a band (the twins are on my sons football team) who are called There are 4 of them, all brothers. Bb king called them up to meet with them personally, pictures on the website, and was just notified by Alice Cooper yesterday that they were picked to play on his album. They live 10 mins from where y'all will be playing. I would really like to surprise them for all their hard work and dedication. Is there absolutely anyway these boys can have a picture with ZZ Top? Please email me at I will be in the lower level but these boys won't be able to make it to the sold out concert. They would be happy to just meet the band! Hopefully someone will get this!

  3. Will Hostelley avatar

    It doesnt get any cooler than this!! Billy in a hammered 34' 3 window, Jimmys' truck and the whole nine!!
    Will Hostelley
    Baltimore Md

  4. ZZ Domenico avatar

    guys come from PERU please

  5. Jim Hamilton avatar

    ZZ TOP needs to line up a gig at the USS TEXAS for their Houston show! The TEXAS FOUGHT 2 WORLD WARS, and is in danger of sinking due to salt water damage. Imagine setting up the drums atop the turrents of the TEXAS! It would make a great backdrop for a video, and give the TEXAS The publicity that she needs. ZZTOP... please help YOUR BATTLESHIP!

  6. Luc Tourlouse avatar

    ... Great landscape :) ... Heavy sound... all heavy and Great... the best, Thanks
    Lucky From Brussels, Belgium

  7. ZZ Domenico avatar


  8. Bigfella avatar

    Another great video to a great song. Congratulations for another fantastic album, love it
    Bernie from Australia

  9. Craigo avatar

    Great clip guys.Does anyone know who the senoritas are?

  10. chiefer avatar

    another great one from little ol band from tx long leged women and old hot rods how can you go wrong thanks for the songs rock untill we die love it !!!

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