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    Muchos Gracias Dusty, Frank and BFG, for making another Sept. 11th a day of joy, in lieu of a day of sorrow. I flew in from NYC on Sept 11th 2013 to D.C., to spent the evening with ZZ Top. Thank you for playing in NYC the week of Sept 11th for so many years after 2001 (especially The Beacon Theatre:NYC). Many a gig I caught in NYC area week of Sept 11th, post 2001. I'm your 31 year dedicated fan since LEGS first aired on MTV in '83. Please play American Blues and Sidewalks tracks at your live TOP gigs (Mercury Blues/99th Floor, among others of your choozin' I'm also happy to have Gizmo in the first photo of many I took with you post-set. 'Dem bluz 'ave gotz a hold'o'me. Erik in CT (career union fireman). PS, great photo PABLO, thank you.