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    Can't Stop Rockin' with ZZ Top! I still have my jean jacket back-patch (see photo) from the Eliminator era I picked up from a Saturday night car show in 1983-1984, at The Late, Great, Marcus Dairy (Danbury, CT). I was 14 then; too young to drive, but old enough to dream about classic hot rods and American muscle cars and Blues/Rock.

    I just heard the very first LIVE tour version of "I gotsta Get Paid" ever; in Maine? Awesome! Worth the 9 hour drive from CT to Maine! See y'all at the NYC for your "La Futura" album signing on Sept 11th (never forget), and VIP/MnG at the Beacon:NYC on the 12th, 2012.

    I have 2 track requests for NYC:Sept 12, 2012 (Beacon Theatre), in addition to your RIGHTEOUS 2012 (fall) set list:
    1) 'THUG'/Eliminator:83 (Dusty catches every low corner of that track)
    2) 'Mushmouth Shoutin'/Rio Grande Mud:72 (Please have Sugar Blue/James Whiting of NYC sit in on the blues harmonica. Dedicate the track to Ms.K-Apple).

    Much Obliged, ZZ's friend and fan, Erik.

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