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    Amigo's, thank you for the limited edition (500) Pre-Order offer called your 'La Futura' bundle! The not yet released La Futura CD, plus an album art t-shirt, and an autographed 8x10 'La Futura' Photo is a perfect fan combo, and I ordered mine today. See you on the road a few more times VIP while you roll through New England on this 2012 tour; my 31st year as a fan.

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    Back in the NYC groove ... thank you in advance for your NYC gig at the Beacon on Sept. 12, 2012. Never forget! I will be there, Row CC-VIP!

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    The ultimate Meet-n-Greet, ZZ Top! I'm a loyal fan since 1981 (I was 11), and this photo with Billy, Dusty and Frank will be the ultimate rock star keepsake of mine during my hopeful 80 years of attending rock concerts. See you again in Idaho, and this time, with my west coast strutting chick that's sweet as molasses. Rock on my friends! Erik:06877.