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    Still the best in blues/rock in this part of the universe - ride on guys!

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    Really good promo photo!
    I even have on signed, thanks guys!!!

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    Frank finally emulates his name by sporting a "beard" C0E

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    Even if the picture isn't real, it still rocks!!! I may drive 700 miles just to see you guys live. I have been a fan since I was a kid. I am a car enthusiast and have seen some of your cars in car shows. I absolutely love the hot rods and your music!!!
    Rock on, Crystal

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    Hey Frank,
    Probably when you learn to spell.....aaahhhaaaaaaa...just kidding

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    I would like to know when we going to here a new cd from ZZtop???????

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    30 years ago today, March.23.1983, ZZ Top earned a new lifelong fan at age 13! Congrats on your album ELIMINATOR turning 30; seems like it was yesterday that I was that 13 year old guy, watching MTV for the first time at a friends house sometime in '83, and the very first MTV video I saw was LEGS. And I've been a loyal fan ever since 1983 because of that video LEGS, and then getting a hold of every album before, and after as you released them. Congrats again on the 30th anniv of ELIMINATOR!

    See BFG and The Sidewalks at BBKing's house in NYC on March 30th for the 99th floor flashback VIP-MnG, then a few New England dates for the full 2013, ZZ Top ViP-MNG sessions you offer (Bergen,NJ and Wallyworld,CT). Rock on my brothers! "Erik the shirt"

    Try booking The Ridgefield (CT) Playhouse in May 2013 while you are in NJ and CT area. You can find them at www.RidgefieldPlayhouse.org , it's my local venue. Gracias Tres Amigos.

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    This is such a great picture! :)

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    These are some bad ass guys!!!