1. Chicca avatar

    I need that picture for my man!

  2. Chicca avatar

    I want that pic!!!

  3. strongisland avatar

    Where was the photo taken?

  4. Goon127 avatar

    Your beards arent even developed yet. LOL You guys Fuckin Rock!

  5. ALWIZARD2004 avatar

    it is the Cover of The Program I have from the 76 Tour i believe Great Shot

  6. lesgoldtop57 avatar

    Walkin home after bein Arrested For Drivin While Blind? Whooeeee! Been there, had bail money, but not enough to get my ol shovel out of impound, had to walk 5 mi in the blazin sun, with a hangover, wearin leathers. Man, that hurt!

  7. Lone Wolfe Jr. avatar

    Outta gas, outta money. Hope some pretty girls drive by.

  8. Lonestarslim avatar

    That sure ain't East Texas, look at those mountains! Must be Big Bend.