1. Nray avatar

    Where can I get this poster? I did not have the money to get it on allposters.com a while back and now they are not selling it there.

  2. Shane Larocque avatar

    WOW that pic is from the 70`s Dusty with a stubby tubby Beer bottle and Billy looking at an old Hudson..where is the keys?

  3. Trace Mark avatar

    The songs from the highway.

  4. lesgoldtop57 avatar

    Gonna go ridin down da highway at night, feelin that Wild Turkey's bite, Givin Johnny Walker a ride, wit Jack Black right by yo side!! YEOW!

  5. Lone Wolfe Jr. avatar

    Got to get to the Liquor store before it closes......Start pushin boys.

  6. Lonestarslim avatar

    Back then you could do that shizz, not on these cars they got these days.

  7. jgreenjr avatar

    hot wire would work !

  8. Lonestarslim avatar

    "You got the keys Frank? Nope. You got 'em Dusty?. Uh uh, you got 'em Billy? No, I thought you had 'em!
    Any one know how to hot-wire a car? 'Cause we're outa beer!

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