January 2, 2013

Please post about your VIP experiences!

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  1. Re: VIP Tour did not get autographs

    December 6, 2012

    be sure to look at the other threads in this forum and complain to the better business bureau about the fraud. Ground Control is commiting this same fraud with other bands. The autographs are fake and mechanically reproduced.

  2. Re: When do you get your meet and greet instructions

    December 6, 2012

    be sure to look at the other threads in this forum and complain to the better business bureau about the fraud. Ground Control is commiting this same fraud with other bands. The autographs are fake and mechanically reproduced.

  3. Possibility on getting money back from V.I.P

    December 9, 2012

    Hello! The way I am going to combat the issues with the V.I.P according to my credit card company is to challenge the charge through your card (and pay pal) based on the fact the litho is not delivered at the time of the meet and greet. Since ground control does not say anywhere in the description of the package that the litho will not be given to you at the time of the M&G this falls under the categorie of the goods that were promised and advertised were not given and this makes the charge challengeable. I will post how this goes for me but I will urge to all disgusted by ground control to take the same route. There is strength in numbers and if enough complaints come in they will not be able to do business on pay pal.

  4. RE: Possibility on getting money back from V.I.P

    December 9, 2012

    Have you contacted Ground Control directly? That's what I did and I got 50% refund which is what I asked for. For what it's worth, the band will sign stuff if you catch them at hotels, airports, etc. Not sure why they won't sign in person for people who actually pay for it.

  5. Re: When do you get your meet and greet instructions

    December 11, 2012

    The boys put on a great show and my 4th row center stage seats were perfect! The meet and great part of the deal was BAD and not worth the extra money. The meet and greet should be named "band photo". The band's handlers said "DO NOT touch" (very understandable but a handshake would have been nice) and "DO NOT speak" to the band. They had each group line up single file and move behind the band for your photo like an assembly line. No slight acknowledgment of the die hard fans was a bit dissapointing. I don't think a quick hello and 15 second exchange of words with the band is unreasonable as long as you are respectuful. A 5-10 minute Q&A after the show would have been really cool for the fans, but no such luck. This is not a meet and great, it is just a quick photo op with the band. I don't blame the band but meet and greet is an inaccurate description of what you get for the extra money. Save yourself money and dissapointment and just purchase concert tickets and enjoy the awesome show. Everything else is aggrevating and takes away your joy of their music.

  6. Re: When do you get your meet and greet instructions

    December 11, 2012

    be sure to spread the word of fraud on their facebook page:!/groundctrl?fref=ts

  7. AZ Meet and Greets

    December 16, 2012

    Anyone else starting to wonder where the heck the Phoenix and Tucson M&G pictures are?

  8. Re: AZ Meet and Greets

    December 16, 2012

    I've been checking everyday. Did'nt the camera man say we would receive an email a few days after the concert? And what about the autographed lithographs?

  9. Re: AZ Meet and Greets

    December 16, 2012

    He did. I'm starting to wonder if they lost the photos. Every other M&G had the photos posted the next day or two days later. It's been a week now for Tucson and even longer for Phoenix. I sent an e-mail inquiring about the lithographs and they said the band sat down to autograph a bunch after the tour and they would be sent out first to those that have been waiting the longest. I know it's not the band, but I'd sure take a close look at the people handling these things because this is VERY bad form. I've never experienced this with ANY other bands.

  10. Re: AZ Meet and Greets

    December 17, 2012

    Took me 2 months after my show to get the lithographs...and they had fake signatures on them. Read the other posts from the VIP Forum about the posters and look up their signatures to make sure that you don't get fakes. Ground Control has been horrible. I spent 3 months arguing with them about the posters and they kept saying that they were legit and that "Billy had told the guys they need to clean up their signatures for the fans" (BS!!!). After about 50 posts, posting on Dusty's facebook, and mentioning "class action lawsuit", the jerks at GC finally contacted me and got me a new poster (with real autographs) to shut me up.

    Just saying, check the signatures when you finally get your poster. The fake ones were in silver and all looked clean and sectretarial. A simple ebay search for their autograph memorabilia will give you a good idea of what they look like.

    GC Sucks!!

  11. Re: AZ Meet and Greets

    December 17, 2012

    It has been over a week, how hard is it to post photo's?!!! GC is one messed up organization based on my limited experience and that of others. I enjoyed the show but the Meet & Greet was a let down. Hopefully the photo's will be good and the boys look like they wanted to be in the photo.

  12. Moderator

    Re: AZ Meet and Greets

    December 18, 2012

    Thanks for your patience everyone. Once the VIP coordinator is able to send us the pictures, they will be uploaded. When this happens, we'll send out an email to everyone with the direct link.

  13. Re: AZ Meet and Greets

    December 20, 2012

    Got the photo's and they look great. I'm happy!

  14. Amarillo Texas VIP

    December 31, 2012

    Had the VIP package in Amarillo back in Oct. still have not recieved my autographed poster and from other posts on this board am beginning to doubt I will. Although I enjoyed myself and the band was friendly the expirience as a whole was disappointing and rushed. I think the fans deserve better than this.

  15. Zap avatar Zap


    January 5, 2013

    I got a lithograph this week. I've been comparing the signatures to authenticated ones on the web and the autographs look real but with Ground Control, who knows. I will post a photo later today to see what others think.

    This was from the Durham, NC show back in October 2012


    January 7, 2013

    Does anyone else find it strange that ALL other threads in this section are now gone ? There were a lot more threads with complaints about the fake autographs. Hopefully others have taken screen shots too, before it disappeared.


    February 28, 2013

    March 3, 2013

    I'm going to the upcoming Baltimore show. I hope the VIP M&G is worth it. I expect to recieve everything @ the show. No where did it say differently!


    March 6, 2013

    March 8, 2013

    ZZ Top....wasn't Times Union Ctr Perf Arts Moran Theater @ - Jacksonville @ , FL @ - Tue, May 4, 2010 @
    Posted 05/05/2010by Av8rJames Location:Jacksonville, FlI have been a huge ZZ fan ever since the first time I heard "I'm bad, I'm nationwide," but this was my first chance to see them perform live. And since the opportunity presented, I paid the extra $250 for the personal "meet and greet" with the band after the show. Bad move.
    The show itself was good - ZZ are professionals and they did just about every number I had hoped to hear, and did them well and faithfully to the original music. I thought the showmanship was lacking and that they did not connect with the audience at all...just got up and did their music thing - which, again was good and I have no complaints at all about the tunes...not much personality or connection to the audience tho, and this venue would have been really conducive to that kind of interaction - it ain't exactly Radio City Music Hall.
    The "meet and greet" was an entirely different story. The best comparison I can make would be the Santa Claus scene in "A Christmas Story," where Ralphie and all his commrades wait for hours in line for their one big chance, 3 seconds worth, to sit in the big man's lap and have their moment in the sun. The only real difference is that Ralphie's big adventure only cost him a little time and some dignity - mine cost all that and the $250 I spent. $250 for merchandise worth about $50 and a "meet and greet" with personal photograph with the band.
    Here's how that event went down - after the show about 50 of us stood in line in a hallway somewhere around backstage (we didn't get to go back stage - that might have been worth the $250....but alas, that was not to be). After about 30-45 minutes, we were marched up to the end of the hall where the organizer gets out his Canon Sure Shot (okay, it was a little more professional than that, but not much...) and mounts it on a tripod in front of three lovely pieces of dark red velvet hanging on the wall - the only thing missing was the painting of Elvis... After about another 30 minutes, yay! Here comes the band - finally! We all dutifully clap, both because we were genuinely happy to see them, but also because we were good little sheep and followed the organizer's instructions to "give the guys some love..." Not the slightest acknowledgement from the band that the 50 of us were even on the same planet, never mind cheering and applauding them did we receive. Seriously, not so much as a glance in our
    So, it turns out I'm first in line...not sure how that happened, but there I am. The band arranges themselves in front of the minus-Elvis velvet and we're ready for the big meet and greet moment. I have no idea what to do, but here is my chance to say hi to three guys whose music has inspired me and millions of others. I'm nervous - what do you say to guys like that so you don't sound like a complete retard? Dunno, but I decided to ask them about the Mexican food they said during the show they had at a little hole in the wall place next to the venue, and offer to call rescue for them if they need it...corny, but what else did I have?
    Turns out I need not have wasted any mental effort worrying about interacting with the great men...interaction was not to be had. I'm standing there in front of the line not sure what I'm supposed to do, and then Frank Beard looks up and says to me, "Alright come on up, man." His tone was human and welcoming and so I think he is a decent guy, and so up I stride for my meet and greet. Cool! Not....
    "Stand and pose" would probably be a better title for this event, because those are the ONLY things that then occurred - I stand next to Frank and Billy and turn to face the camera, while muttering something about them rocking the house at the show. Now, I'm a good size lad - 6'2, two fiddy, but I might as well have been an amoeba for all the acknowledgement I got from any of the three great men amongst whom I am now standing and trying to put on a genuine smile.
    So, click goes the 3.276 seconds with ZZ is thanks for coming, have a good night, faretheewell, go screw yourself...nothing. Click, you're done, get your drumsticks, BUH BYE!. 3.2 seconds for $250...lets round down to 3 seconds...that comes out to, $300,000.00 and hour. Pretty good pay for the great men.
    If I sound a little bitter, I guess it's because I am...maybe not bitter, so much as disappointed. Now look, I understand that ZZ's been doing this stuff for a llllloooonnnnggg time and I am SURE it gets old and routine pretty quick. I got that. But if it's old and routine and the best you can do is a photo posted on a website taken with a Kodak, then DON"T CALL IT A MEET AND GREET AND CHARGE PEOPLE $250!! Or if you're going to have a meet and greet, for crying out loud at least greet or bid people farewell.
    You like ZZ's music? Go to the show. You will enjoy the tunes. But don't spend a penny more than you must to get a seat under the roof, because it will NOT be money well spent.
    Just my humble $.02