January 2, 2013

Please post about your VIP experiences!

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  1. Re: Autographed Posters Don't Look Legit!!

    September 29, 2012

    sohcammer wrote:
    I have not received my lithograph and there was no meet and greet. If anyone paid for this VIP Meet and Greet bulls**t with a credit card, I suggest contacting your credit card and disputing the charges as Ground Control most certainly did not deliver what they promised on the receipt. I have a hard time believing that the band doesn't know about what is going on with regards to this and that really damages their image in my eyes. It seems that more than a few people feel the same way. Call your credit card issuer if you didn't receive your merchandise or get to actually "Meet and Greet" the band and dispute the charges. These guys are ripping of true fans that are spending big money in good faith that they are going to get to meet and greet one of their favorite bands of all time. I did not see any lithographs being signed by the band and handed out to the VIP guests, therefore I am not accepting anything via mail from these clowns. I happen to know exactly what Billy Gibbons signature looks like and alot of the signed lithographs I've seen look nothing like it, which to me raises red flags about authenticity. Either that or they are just scribbling on them in mass production mode and not caring how sloppy the are in the process. Either way, it's sh**y to treat your biggest fans with such disrespect. This is a Colossal Cluster F**k and WILL come back to bite them.

    um I'm sorry you think that the band is out in the cold about all of this. I disagree with u though. this band knows whats going on. they are standing right there not saying hi or shaking hands so yes they know whats up. I would really hope and pray that they wouldn't think its ok to treat people like this and get paid to do it non the less. it seems to be the case though. Years ago the only way you could get a "meet and greet" was to know someone or win a contest on the radio. Now you can buy that honor, but how much of an honor is it to finally meet your idols just to be treated like a head of cattle. i call bullshit on this!

  2. Re: VIP Headaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    September 29, 2012

    who is the Head mutha f@#$er in charge of all this mess?! God damn give these people the fans the product they agreed with you to pay for!! damn! what ever happened to quality control? If i should ever happen to make my way to the local burger king and i pay for a whopper w cheese and they hand me a back with a 6 piece nugget in it and say to me, oh yeah we know u payed for a whooper with cheese but it was more convenient for us to just give you the nuggets! UM yeah, ill be a lil be pissed to! zztop?! MAN THE F UP! and give these fans what they pay for! if you really don't wanna see your fans backstage then don't take there money and then treat them without respect and or consideration!

  3. Re: In fairness to the band on the VIP package.

    September 29, 2012

    autograph? well, apparently the autographs coming down the pipeline when they do arrive are in question.

  4. Re: Corpus Christi Platinum VIP 10/21/2011

    September 29, 2012

    hmmm. So the band is concerned about autographing items because someone may or may not sell them on the net and make a profit? is that what the issue is? well piss on that! So if i buy a car from you, you mean to tell me i shouldn't be able to turn around and sell it for a profit?? bullshit on that! Personally, I myself have a few items i got that hold value to me that i would never sell but for a band to say they aint gonna sign things because you might sell it is complete crap! Billy? You aint ever bought one of those classic cars and turned around and sold it and made a profit??? a lil Hypocracy there isn't there? U guys been hanging out with Eddie Van halen or something cause that band treats their fans like shit too! i was gonna buy two vip's but ya know, word of bout can be a real mother! I'm sure your bank and accounts won't miss my 500. its this simple if you don't wanna see your fans backstage and be cordial and inviting for a few minutes then don't FN do it! just go out on stage and put on an act out there! Peace n' Hair Grease!

  5. Durham NC - VIP Package with Front Row ticket for sale.

    October 1, 2012

    I'm looking to sell this for what I have in it .Turns out show is on the same night as the Yep Roc 15 th Anniversary party at the 506 in Chapel Hill, Fleshtones - SCOTS - and Los Straitjackets. Fleshtones are my favorite all time live band making this a can't miss show for me.

    Diamond VIP -Actual first row ticket Row 1(not A) , with meet and greet . I will get all the merch to you also.


  6. anyone going to IL or ohio show

    October 1, 2012

    if you are please post what the show was like and what songs they play no one ever does it only fair people always post that there going but no one ever says what it was like thanks

  7. Re: VIP Headaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    October 2, 2012

    Just got back from Chicago show. seats were great 2nd row center, Show was great. I don't know if they have been listening but did the meet and greet and it wasn't that bad. they came out after the show and greeted fans all standing around . my wife and I both shook hands with them as they walked out to greet everyone. They allowed us to ask them some questions . All in all I'm quite happy with experience we had . And yes I would do it again. One thing still no autographs.

  8. Re: VIP Headaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    October 3, 2012

    I knew there had to be a positive experience out there somewhere! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Re: anyone going to IL or ohio show

    October 3, 2012

    Was at tge Oct 2 Chicago Theater show. from my recall, they opened with
    Thank You
    Waiting for the Bus
    Jesus Just Left Chicago
    Pin Cushion
    Tube Snake Boogie
    La Grange
    Gimme All You Lovin
    Gotta Get Paid
    Beer Drinkers Hell Raisers
    I cant recall the others but this gives you an idea. It would nice to hear more from the new disc bt no complaints. I did hear people talking after the show however expressing the show was only a little over an hour with no opening act

  10. Re: anyone going to IL or ohio show

    October 4, 2012

    perfect thanks alot ill tell ya what they play tomarrow nite

  11. Re: Corpus Christi Platinum VIP 10/21/2011

    October 8, 2012

    I was able to buy two VIP tickets for the ZZ Top show in San Antonio on 22 Oct. Talk about excited when I checked for seat availability & was offered front row, center stage tickets. I broke out the credit card & obligated the $$$. Then I went searching for the process on how this "meet & greet" works and felt like the air had been let out of me. Based on what I read, I'll be throwing down the BS flag if we are treated like crap & don't receive exactly what Ground Control advertises. I'll go to my credit card company & let them deal with this company directly! On a positive note, I was reading the San Antonio newspaper last year when I saw the the Reverand Billy G was going to be at a local liquor store promoting Pura Vida Tequila. Holy crap Bat-woman! I grabbed my copy of Rock N Roll Gearhead, the wife & some cash and headed that direction. We stood inline for a little over an hour before coming face to face with the man himself. He asked me to open the book to the blank page, I handed him a fresh sharpie & he signed big & bodly "Billy G" & then drew what appears to be a sombrerro on the bottom. He posed for pictures & seemed genuine. As we finished our turn, my wife told Billy that he had made my day but she was a fan of his from the TV show "Bones". He smiled and thanked her & then stopped the whole line to tell us how they had just wrapped up filming several new shows & then went on to tell us about the new times the show would be aired & how he enjoyed appearing on the show. What a class act! All the folks behind us were looking & talking about how long we had been up at the stand with him. He then signed two bottles of Pura Vida for us, said thanks & we'll see you on the road. We'll see how the band responds on the 22nd. I was able to find a T SHirt that I bought in 1976 when ZZ Top was on their worldwide Texas tour & was hopeful they might sign it for us. The wife will be wearing the shirt so that might help break the ice & hopefully get a signature or so.

  12. Re: Autographed Posters Don't Look Legit!!

    October 9, 2012

    The autographs are fake. They are mechincally reproduced, maybe with a autopen machine or some other CNC device. I paid for 3 VIP tickets and was only sent 1 lithograph. I complained and then received the other 2. The autographs are IDENTICAL in size and in stroke. EXACTLY IDENTICAL. This whole "VIP" thing is a rip off and a scam. The autographs are in silver paint paint pen on a white or light brown background. Almost impossible to see, but since they are fake, what difference does it make ?

  13. Re: Autographed Posters Don't Look Legit!!

    October 10, 2012

    Hello All,

    So far all my calls have gone unanswered, as did all of yours, so i did as one of you suggested. I called the credit card company. Explained what happened.....they are going to give me a credit on my credit card. i purchased 6 of them so its a pretty good chunk of change. Minus the ticket for the concert, which i believe was going for 85.00 dollars, I have to double check that. I did not get to meet or greet my favorite band. which I was told I was going to be able to, I did not get a poster, autographed or not, I did not get my tickets mailed to me, even though i purchased it in June for a September show and paid for shipping. There is a time limit on these things so if your credit card offers these features do so ASAP. I was told that they will contact GC and I will be sent a letter from my cc company. I am printing many of your responses to the misleading practices of GC. Which I will use in my defense should the credit be taken away, who knows how much they will fight it. I did enjoy the show very much and dont want to take away that aspect of it, but right is right. Perhaps I would have done it anyway, but the point is I did not get what I paid for. I work for myself and If I don't deliver what I was contracted to do, I don't nor would I expect to get paid. So if you charged your ticket, you may have rights by way of getting some of your money back. I will keep you all posted. Victoria

    PS. If by some small chance you guys are reading any of these, don't you care???? Many of us have been life long fans, we have enjoyed your music, purchased your books, posters, clothing, key chains, my husband and i have even had our children, now 21 and 25 listen to your music and now a whole new generation follows you because we would not let your music fade in our household, so that when a new album/CD or what ever is out (showing my its not like WHO? They already have history with you guys. No matter what happens, I have have my memories of the many many shows that I have been to, and I thank you!! and feel blessed to have that photo with you guys, But lets be fair about things and not promise or promote things that were not delivered. It's truly sad ;0(

  14. Durham NC VIP Experience

    October 11, 2012

    I bought 2 Diamond VIP packages for $250 a ticket and it was purchased before I read all these negative comments. The show was last night and here are my observations. I will update as the other promises are met or not met.

    First off, Show was excellent. Seats were excellent. 3rd row, dead center. Tickets were picked up at the will call window, as explained. Picked up the VIP badges from our "host" next to the ticket window.
    I received an email stating that a "packet" had been mailed to me last week. Had a tracking number that doesn't work. Have yet to receive anything.
    The autographed litho, which if you believe people are here, has fake autographs, is supposed to be mailed. Our photo is supposed to be posted on a website today for download. Nothing yet but it is only mid-afternoon.
    Overall, it was worth $250 per. The face value on the tickets were $125. The band was more than friendly. They came into the venue where we were seated after the show and answered about 5 questions from those assembled before we all lined up for our pictures. They were funny and charming. A little girl brought them a picture and Dusty was like a loving grandfather with her. To be honest, I was creeped out by most of the questions. People were making these off the wall references about band members personal life, as if they were trying to draw some connection with the band so they would say "Oh, you know something about us, let's go have a beer". Some seemed like stalkers. If I had asked a question, it would have been why Frank drinks Tab on stage and whose dog ran on the stage during the final bow.
    Seriously, if you are thinking about buying one of these packages, I'd do it. Only thing that would sour me on that opinion would be if they don't come through with our pictures. I don't even care about the fake litho. Seats were worth it and who can put a price on your girlfriend posting a picture of her and ZZTOP on her facebook page. It was a blast and the guys were beyond cool. Worth the money.

  15. Re: Durham NC VIP Experience

    October 12, 2012

    The dogs name is Gizmo and belongs to Mr.Frank Beard.

  16. Re: Autographed Posters Don't Look Legit!!

    October 12, 2012

    I am so glad I found this thread. My son and I were going to buy these VIP tickets for the 9 December show in Tucson. Not now. Say what you want about VIP Nation, but when you buy a Meet and Greet package from them, you normally get the poster and THEN you go through the line and get it signed in FRONT OF YOU. Moreover, the photo is posted on a website within a day or two for download. We have had very good experiences with Dream Theater and Megadeth. We will be getting "normal" ZZ Top tickets based on the feedback you all provided. Thanks!


  17. Re: Durham NC VIP Experience

    October 12, 2012

    Different city, same experience. Ticket process went smoothly; Great seats; Show was awesome; The guys could not have been cooler or more friendly.

    That being said, I have to take exception with one of your observations. I like to picture Dusty more as a loving uncle; or maybe even just an older brother.

  18. Zap avatar Zap

    Re: Durham NC VIP Experience

    October 14, 2012

    Show was great but the Meet and Greet was slack. We were rushed thru the photo op very quickly. In defense of the band, it was their handlers that were doing the rushing.

    For $250 I would have expected a more laid back, take your time atmosphere.

    Again, it was the handlers doing the rushing, not the band.


  19. Re: Durham NC VIP Experience

    October 17, 2012

    Boy, after reading several negatives on the VIP experience, I sure hope our Sugarland experience is a much better one this weekend. Paying $1000 for a family of four to attend is a lot of money, especially if the boys don't live up to what's promised. If the handlers can't manage this, they need to dedicate more time to the whole event experience. Let's do it right folks!

  20. Re: Durham NC VIP Experience

    October 17, 2012

    Line up individually and scatter from your group or they will group all 4 of you in a single pose. It's one photo with band per order...not one pose per each pass holder.