Aug,1973 Cleveland Public Hall

November 5, 2012

I first saw ZZ Top August, 1973 at the Cleveland Public Hall with Earth, Wind & Fire and Uriah Heep. ZZ Top was introduced as a "new band from Texas"...."we hope you like them". My friends and I went to see Uriah Heep, never heard of but were blown away by ZZ Top. Fast forward to a few years ago, my girlfriend and I follow the Pretenders.....most of you know the P's toured with ZZ Top a few years ago. I was re-introduced to ZZ Top live 5 times during that tour and loved every bit of it. We were front and center at the Atlantic City show - amazing. Now, I have a favor to ask...I am helping the Uriah Heep archivist and would love to verify the date via ticket stub or any special memory of the August, 1973 Cleveland Public Hall show. We think 8/24/1973, but need better verification. Yes, this limits many of you, I know. Also, if anyone made a bootleg recording of Uriah Heep, we would love to hear it. By the way, I am here not only for my request, but to maintain my memories of ZZ Top and to always know when they are near my town ---- DC/Baltimore area. Thanks for having me and thanks for listening to my request. Ron ....To the moderator.....if this request is considered "off topic" or improper, feel free to delete..I will understand. If it is ok, I won't make this type of thing a habit.

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  1. Re: Aug,1973 Cleveland Public Hall

    December 18, 2012

    Yep, a long time fan. Saw them open for Mike Bloomfield and the Doobie Brothers, I think it was 1973 in Hollywood California, they were supporting the Tres Hombres album. Bought their first two records when they came out and was jacked to see them when I did. The only complaint I have with this band is their music cost me fortune over the years in cheap sunglasses and pearl necklace's......... Love the new CD.

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    December 18, 2012

    How many times do you reckon you've seen them?? Any other memoral shows ??

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    October 17, 2013

    I first saw them when they were the warm-up band for Deep Purple in either '72 or '73 in Hotlanta. I had never heard of them prior to that. They came out in their cowboy outfits and I believe there was a stuffed steer onstage, rattlesnake, and cactus. They opened with La Grange and I thought, 'Who ARE these guys?' I've seen them about five times total, bought most of their albums (Concrete & Steel really had an impact on me...can it be? organ?) Anyway, I even remember early in their career when Gillette offered Billy & Dusty $1 million to shave their beards using their product. HA!