oct 5 th glenside keswick pa

October 6, 2012

just got back from the show it was awesome and great i was very close groundcontrol had my tix there for me it all went smooth dispite my fear that it wouldnot they play amazingly i though i cant rember order or i may be missing some they play alot more then i thought for there age they still are tight as hell i thank you ,waiting for the bus jesus just left ch ,pin cushion, beer drinkers n hell rasiers , vincent price blues, my heads in mississippi, ,sharp dressed man, legs ,chartreues, i gottsa get paid , tush ,la grange, tube snake boogie , ,gimmie all your loven theres one or two more i can quite recall but man they played amazing like well worth the money place was nice , sound n all only down side is there were nt many cool shirts to buy but psh it's was great

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  1. RE: oct 5 th glenside keswick pa

    October 7, 2012

    they played heard it on the x too