Very Disappointed

September 9, 2012

Went to the concert last night at the ComCast Center in Mansfield MA. Skynyrd opened up and did a great show. The little ole band from Texas came on 20 mins later. They opened up with a couple of classics with mid 80's videos playing on the screens behind them. We thought it was a one shot deal with the mid 80s MTV videos behind them - it wasn't. My god you talk about a cliche-type one note group - Come on into this century boys! One of the true measures in my mind is when a crowd stands up during the whole concert(like they did for Skynyrd). After the 4th-5th song in people started sitting down. In my mind it's like Same old Sh$%^#t. from ZZ. The 6th-7th song in people started hitting the aisles to leave! We actually hit the aisle when they came back for the encore - couldn't take the same tired old BS
3rd time seeing them last night for us and last time. Still can't figure out why ZZ didnt open for Skynyrd because thats the way they played last night - like an opening act. DONE!

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