August 26, 2012

let me start by saying huge ZZTOP fan have seen quite a few concerts all over country but last night at spokane wa well lets say less the happy. years ago in N.J say them great light show played less then 1 1/2 hours that sucked sturgis 2010 came in on helicopter played not impressed they must have been tired. last night spokane wa at casino started late played less then 1 1/2 hrs i do mean less then great sound too short does anyone know why or whats going on with that

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  1. Re: disappointed

    August 27, 2012

    I have not been a huge fan of ZZ Top, but have enjoyed several of their songs throughout the years. I have a majority of their vinyl LPs, but have yet to purchase a CD. I also attended their concert at Northern Quest Casino (NQ) and was looking forward to a night of past hits and maybe an opportunity to hear a few songs from their new CD. I really enjoyed the short performance, but like a majority of individuals I was disappointed by the very short concert. I had never seen them in a live performance, so I can cross that off of my "bucket list," because I will never waste money to see them again. This little band from Texas seems to have gotten to big for their britches and their ex-fan base are not pleased. They played one song off of their new CD and I was not impressed at all. Rumor is that they did not sign any autographs or pose with fans for photographs. It wasn't that long ago that they were filling arenas and now they are having trouble selling out at Casinos. Maybe this "Lil Ol' Band From Texas" is now "The Best Lil Whore House in Texas," because a lot of people from NQ concert felt like they got fu**ed.
    I left two posters at the box office hoping that they would autograph them for my two daughters (9& 16). I feel lucky that I got the posters back, because they did keep the two pens that I supplied them. There are still artists out there that appreciate their fans: B.B. King, Hall & Oates, Peter Frampton, Mary Wilson, Loggins & Messina, Leon Russell et al. These are the people that are true stars and remember where they came from and who got them where they are.