ZZ Top gang of outlaws tour

July 25, 2012

We saw the third show, in Oja Sweden. The boys tried hard, but the sound was not good. There were also numerous technical problems, ex. during "i gotsa get paid" Gibbons guitar fell out and the soung had to be stopped. After that the sound of his guitar was much lower than it should be, so we heard mostly drums and bass. Gibbons yelled at the guys in the mixer to fix it, but it did not change much. Too bad really, from an otherwise excellent band.

We also expected to hear all of the 4 songs from the Texacali album, the new ZZ under Rick Rubin. From what I recall they only played one. Gibbon saved the evening with his frankness and humour, though, in what was otherwise a rather embarrasing performance.

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  1. RE: ZZ Top gang of outlaws tour

    August 3, 2012

    i was also at oja and i think they did a good job. live conserts is about the whole experience.
    when you go to a live show there are bound to be some issues.The biggest minus i think was the sun in the eyes the first 35 minutes :)