try again or not

July 15, 2012

well i here zz top is playing 3 hours away from me and im wondering if i should get the vip again but in may i bought vip for the pa concert it got cancelled it took so long andi had a hell of a time getting my money back i really wanna go see them and do the meet n greet but maybe it happend for a reason everyone on here says the vip deal sux its a ripp ay man i just wann meet them and get a cadzilla poster signed its a dream i got n i was beyond crushed that my show got canceld part of me wants to try again but i dont know about getting invovled with the vip company again what do you guys think yes or no pursue the dream or fuck it and move on

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  1. Re: try again or not

    July 16, 2012

    Try Again :)