June 25, 2012

dallas failure. i have 6 diamond vip front row seats. when i got there they were second row seats. the email said be there at 5 pm for ticket pickup and we assumed meet and greet. it was over 100 degrees in dallas and we got there at 5 pm for NOTHING. NOTHING. we got out tickets and sat for an hour. they wouldnt even let us shop until 6. zztop played at 9:30 pm! then they told us when we picked up our zztop vip tag we have photo op after the band played at 10:40..which the concert was running 30 minutes late so that put it after 11. who wanted to stay after being in the 100+ degrees heat for 5 hours. not only did we have row 1 seats but were given row 2, but when the zztop started the band authorized security to immediately open the front up so we had crazed fans crowding in our seats and in front of us and all around us. i asked security what the hell was going on and he said "its up to the band they open up the front when show starts." i said "why the hell did we buy these high priced seats then. ?" h e just shook his head. it was a ripoff from the 5 pm to the 11 pm ending. and the accoustics sucked. i've a huge fan of zztop and have seen then solo, with kid rock and with lynnard skinnard but i will never go again. this even source is the biggest rippoff i have ever seen. i pay front row for concerts and sporting events monthly. SAVE UR MONEY. ITS A RIPOFF!!!

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