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March 1, 2013

Hi guys,
Just wondering if you woiuld be interested in looking up a band that I am just a big fan of as much as ZZ,I would love to see these guys support ZZTOP on the Irish date of their European Tour in June .
The band in question are The Bonnevilles and have released their second album entitled "Folk Art and the Death Of Electric Jesus". What better way to support a three piece band than with a two-piece Irish band, with just as much presence and sound as ZZ live."
Examples of reviews and descriptions of their sound live are as follows-
"If ZZ Top collaborated with a raw garage-rock duo, this song would be the result." and "Imagine a two-headed fuzz delta garage punk fusion that comes on like an incestuous relationship between The Black Keys and The Jon Spencer Blues channeled via Rory Gallagher, Howlin' Wolf and Willie Dixon."
Please find links below and spread the word for an almost unknown and very talented duo currently on tour in the UK,
Regards Chris.

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