HOLDCELL ~ The best kept secret in The South!

April 14, 2012

Take conformity and punt it out the window! HOLDCELL is fresh where the “Metal” Meets the bone. No Comparison to any current rock band needed here; stick these three Georgia boys on stage with anyone and they will funk and groove them right out of a record deal.
The most beautiful thing about these guys is how well they mix genres into an eclectic, ear pleasing sound, and if first attempts are any indication of the future, ‘7 heavy grins’ has not only inserted HOLDCELL into the music scene for a long time to come, but has finally supplied a sound and determination to maintain a higher quality of musical production. It is a simple formula for these Atlanta rockers, ‘put your heart into your lyrics, your soul into your instruments, and your existence into the hands of those lucky enough to consume it through their sensorineural process.
Forget what you have heard coming through the local FM frequency and do three things:
1) Buy ‘7 Heavy grins’
2) Pass it along to a friend…

This 12 track, beautify organized recording of years struggling, scratching and clawing their way onto the rock n’ roll scene, has and will solidify HOLDCELL’s place in your music collection. From the self titled opening track, where HOLDCELL blasts out the speakers like a load of buck-shot; to the ‘funka~delic’ bass groove on “El` Gallo” ("a soon to be anthem for all rocky one night stands"), to the smoothly lyrical “King.” This album has homerun tracks all the way down the studio set list, ending with the supremely delightful “Flowers on a Hill,” easily making this one of the best rock debuts since the turn of the century.
The Hackney brothers, Evan (Vocals, Bass, ) and Lee ( Vocals, Guitar, ) have a collective passion and spirit for their music, which shines with every chord and word performed on this album. Providing a WMD of percussion, on all 12 tracks is Chuck Smith, every band should have a drummer of this standard, progressive pedal work, and never a fear of the crash cymbal his hard core punk style compliments the ever changing sound that this Atlanta trio seem determined to continue. HOLDCELL is a fortified, heavy hitting rock trio, that wants to push the standards of current rock music, all while paying homage to the intangibles of classic rock icons that continue to inspire this groups grimey, dirtysouth, southern rock sound. Bottom line… You need this album... Your friends need this album... And rock music needs more bands like HOLDCELL!!!


We would like to be contacted about opening up for you on any dates you guys have in the southeast, that you would like a good local Independent act for. ROCK IT LIKE A DOCTRINE ! & Thank You this was the only way I could figure out how to contact someone affiliated.

Very Respectfully,

Sgt. Adam Turner
335th Signal Command (Theater) Ft. Mcpherson, Atlanta
US Army Public Affairs
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