Asteroid ZZ top

January 28, 2013

I am an astronomer from France, but living now in Chile. I have discovered many asteroids in the past. When you discover an asteroid, at first its orbit is not well known, but as more observations are obtained, we know it better and when there is no risk of loosing it anymore it gets an official number, and then the discoverer can suggest a name to the IAU (international astronomical union). Normally the name has to be related to solar system research. It turns out that ZZTop has helped a great deal at the time. Today most observations are made in automatic mode (the astronomer sleeping), but in the past, you had to do everything manually and be there for the whole night. Very often at the end of the night, we were very tired and needed some energetic music to finish the night, park the telescope, close the dome, etc... So that's where the help came, we usually did finish the night with some ZZtop music. So I named one of my asteroids after the group. You can read about it here :
You can see a bit better its orbit on :;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb
I assume somebody on the forum will be able to tell the guys about it, there is now up there a rock with their name on it.
Just wanted to finish mentioning that this is official (i.e. the name will be used by astronomers, not like the "buy a star" type scams which are just that...).
With all my respect for your great music,

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