ZZ Top proper live albums request.

September 29, 2012

Anyone else feel that there ought to be a proper full show, or retrospective collection, of the Top in concert??

I am just listening to ZZ Top running through Stop Breakin' Down Blues and Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings "captured live and sly during one of the many ZZ Top late nights" as tracks 3 and 4 of the What's Up With That cd single. Fantastic sound and playing, but all too short.

The Top have loads of top notch shows taped and stored(for what if they are not going to release them?????) according to the clues left lying around. Half of Fandango-killer live sound and perfomance, a couple of tracks on XXX, the bonus tracks on the properly remastered Fandango and Tres Hombres, Live in Germany(incomplete show), Live in Texas(incomplete show) and so on.........

There are songs that they only played a handful of times in concert that they never commited to album.

I am fed up having to track down bootlegs, like the superb setlisted Hot Rod Twingo recorded in France, to hear the band really kick and stretch out in concert. C'mon guys, lets have a really good live outing from you.

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  1. Re: ZZ Top proper live albums request.

    November 17, 2012

    Absolutely. But I just picked up Live in Germany 1980 and that is some incredible guitar show. Wow. Recently viewed 1991 Hartford which is also a super fantastic show w/some huge custom hollow body guitars (includes Love Thing, Sleeping Bag, Tell it, Concrete and Steel) and Sturgis 2007 which is great.

    But more than that I really want to see someone do a documentary on Billy's life and/or a VH1 Classic Album documentary of "Tres Hombres" or "Eliminator". I wish Eric Clapton would produce a documentary on Billy.

    Billy fascinates me and I'd love to hear his thoughts on his career, life, songwriting, etc. Incredibly colorful person and musician and super cool just like James Brown was.

  2. Re: ZZ Top proper live albums request.

    November 20, 2012

    You've nailed it. A life doco would be great. I'd love to see that!!