La Futura - Best Buys rip off?

September 25, 2012

Is the version of La Futura being sold through Best Buys which has 2 bonus tracks the full album, in which case the standard 10 track version is a diminished experience?

Or are the Best Buys 2 bonus tracks a reward for shopping in Best Buys, in which case the vast majority of folks will not know about them and will settle for buying an inferior and diminished version through a lack of knowledge(leading to a sense of frustration and having been ripped off when they find out the Best Buys version has more tracks) because of some pocket lining deal struck between the ZZ Top new management and Best Buys?

Are Best Buys the winners in this deal? The fans outside of the US certainly are not.

I live in the UK and can not buy a copy direct from Best Buys. I have however bought one through ebay and feel ripped off in a sense. I will likely have to pay import duty on the cd, not to mention $8 for postage and packing.

Why am I doing this? Because I love the music. I have bought every album they have brought out to date, all of the ones up to Afterburner on vinyl and then the whole shebang again on cd.

I see too much manipulation of the fan base going on, with stuff like this and the meet and great packages that many folk have complained about elsewhere on the ZZ Top forum. Are the guys in penury?? Do they need to milk their fans of so much hard earned cash?

If they want my money they could put out the rest of their catalogue in decent remastered without loudness form. They could put out the rest of the live gig recorded for Fandango, which is no doubt lurking in the vaults somewhere-a useless fate for it. They could put out the full audio cd of the Germany gig that was released earlier this year. They could put out a box set retrospective overview of their live recordings. Ahh..... so many fan rewarding ways of making money so that both parties come out of it feeling positive and not ripped off.

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  1. j10 avatar j10

    RE: La Futura - Best Buys rip off?

    September 28, 2012

    La Futura Sucks. After 9 years... Dick rubbin? what is data sandwhitch? Dusty and Frank need to step up and co-wright & produce...go hank out at da ranch w' G Love, G Mule, or Hank 3 and do sum crunchy crunchy,loaded, dusted, mumindisgone,tripp'n,hairdresser, sinpusher, and the like.. peace, love & happines!

  2. Re: La Futura - Best Buys rip off?

    September 29, 2012

    An illuminating answer to be sure, J10, thanks.