Joe Bonamassa Signature Gibson Les Paul Studio

October 11, 2011

I saw the Legend on 10/06/2011... The King of the blues, Mr. BB King! After decades of missing his show for one reason or another, I finally got to see one of my heroes! What a night to remember! :) If you try to join BB's fan club, you will find out that is is closed to new membership.

I took a Joe Bonamassa Signature Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar to the concert and left it in my truck during the show. A lady in the audience next to me explained that the best place to get the guitar signed would be at the tour bus after the show. When the show ended, BB started signing things from right off the stage. I ran back to my truck to grab the Les Paul about four hundred yards away from the venue. When I returned, BB had already left the stage. At this point in time, I thought the bus would be my last chance for a signature on the guitar. I jumped in line just behind about six people who were waiting patiently for BB to show up.
When BB King came around the corner in the golf cart heading towards his bus, about eight people cut in front of me from the side to get his autograph. Then when I was next in line a Sherriff's Deputy stepped in front of me and told everyone to back up and leave that it was over that there would be no more autographs!! The deputy yelled a second time for us to go home. I wanted to obey the law but my feet wouldn't move. I was thinking how bad it sucked to get that close to having him sign my guitar and missing out. I finally glanced at BB Kings face and when he looked up and we made eye contact , I yelled out "Joe Bonamassa signature Les Paul! Would you please sign it for me BB?". BB said, "Is that a Gibson? Is that a Gibson Les Paul?" I said, yes sir, a signature Joe Bonamassa Gibson Les Paul Studio and it would be an honor to have you sign it for me! Then BB said, "Well then pass it up here, I've got to sign it!" I was thinking that evening when I left the house it may be the last chance that I have to see BB and even though an extreme long shot to get the signature... it would be worth just every second being there. It was a dream come true! :) I'm taking that same guitar to Joe Bonamassa to get his signature on it as well in December.


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    December 1, 2012

    Well Done !