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    dochaliday finally found this:
    Where and when do I check in for my VIP event?
    VIP check-in times are generally confirmed within 48 hours of the event. Once we receive the check-in time, we email it to VIP purchasers. VIP events generally take place about 2 hours before the listed concert door time, but if your VIP package includes a sound check or pre-show performance, the check in time can be about 3-4 hours before the event. Some artists have their events after the show instead. Please be prepared to arrive at the venue early or stay late when you purchase a VIP package or upgrade.

    Please contact us directly if you do not know what the meet up time is by the morning of the event. You are responsible for knowing when to show up for the VIP experience.

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    I'm waiting too dochaliday. Nothing by email nothing in junk mail. Groundcontrol support email link down, waited on hold long distance for support for 10 minutes. I sent an email to info@groundcontrol.com I'll let you know if I get a reply.

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    Hello, anyone out there? Anyone at all? Would like to know the details of my meet & greet next week in Winnipeg, can't believe I am STILL waiting for details. NOT impressed.

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    It's a little more than a week away and still waiting for an email listing details of the meet & greet, when can we expect this info?