Phoenix, AZ

10/13/13 6:00 PM
ZZ Top (headliner)

Fair Admission is included in the ticket price

Arizona State Fair
Phoenix , AZ
Age Restrictions
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  1. 3292CasinoBlackJack avatar

    HoLy ShYt! YoU GuYs Absolutely rocked the houz in Phoenix, Arizona in what was once Veteran's Memorial Coliseum but now Arizona State Coliseum. Every entrance was swirled around, tangled and packed tight just to get in to see u at the Arizona State Fair. It is almost unheard of when musicians transcend from one timeframe into the next, but I have to say not only did you have your 1970's and 80's crowd but you managed to bring in all the gen X n Y's 2 for the 90's and 2000's representation! You rocked us continuously for an hour and a half without taking lengthy brkz and we brought you back 3 times thx to your showmanship. Although I am from Los Angeles, CA I have lived here many yearz and haven't seen the coliseum this packed 4 a long time. There were very few seats initially empty and they filled quickly. Man u guyz rock! Sometimes there just insn't a way to articulate something so I will have to just sum it up with wordz. Polished, skillful, unique, well dressed, professional, macho chik magnetz, flashy, and just plain powerful shyt. Damn-no carpal tunnel syndrome yet playing hard like that since the 70's? lol....jk. Keep rockin on boys and plz come back and see us in Arizona cuz we just couldn't get enough of you 3 as you can tell from the bringbax!
    Welcome to Phoenix Arizona Come back soon let's party

  2. LANE CHANGE avatar

    I hacve been trying to get some information regarding this meet and greet, and I have had no response. Before I spend any money, I need to verify that this is not a scam. Please advise.

  3. Maggiemay avatar

    having trouble buying tickets!!!!

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