Savannah, GA

05/23/13 Time TBA
ZZ Top (headliner)
Johnny Mercer Theater - Savannah Civic Center
301 West Oglethorpe Ave.
Savannah , GA 31401
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  1. Mrs. avatar

    Since 1973 we have been avid ZZ Top Concert goers -- every tour...sometimes going 3 times a year... traveling from state to state great distances to see ZZ Top shows - qualifies us as seasoned FANS.. We own every record, and numerous ZZ Top CD's, DVD's, and even a VHS tape of 'Greatest Hits"..... and tonight in Savannah, GA on 5/23/13 we were sadly disappointed in the sound quality.... We were entertained by Billy, Dusty, and Frank -- but we were NOT ROCKED like a ZZ Top concert is known to do,...not enough base sound?? we didn't feel Frank's drum beat throughout our entire body!! Maybe it was the theater regs., or maybe the sound equipment guys- because when we asked them about it, they denied any if they didn't know what we were talking about..!!. My husband has NEVER wanted to walk out of a ZZ Top concert, nor complain to the sound board guys...but tonight we felt like that -- we stayed through the show and we enjoyed as much as we could, but we were left feeling empty...

  2. Savannah Jim avatar

    I love you Patrice! This show is going to ROCK! You and Me and that "lil. ol. band from Texas" are going to Boogie-woogie all night long!
    Blow your Topp!

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