1. Summer_it_Rains avatar

    I could swear I saw you guys in Rite Aid Fri. around 5ish....it was way busy.... -- Summer_it_Rains

  2. dragonsmaster avatar

    Going to the A.C. show tonight their gonna Rock the House!

  3. velcrofly avatar

    where are my tickets the ship date was 4-20 i still dont have them the shows next week n im vip for AC NJ n reg for LAN PA

  4. crazypapa avatar

    looking for my free tickets to a.c. n.j.

  5. kaadhy avatar

    packages are a rip off !!!! NEVER received my promised special print from last year. Never gor responces from emails

  6. velcrofly avatar

    so do I get to touch their beard n mustache ride included in this price. I got legs n know how to use em :)