Sugarland, TX

10/20/12 Time TBA
ZZ Top (headliner)
Constellation Field
Sugarland , TX
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  1. FredS avatar

    Does anyone know what time the meet and greet is? Zero information has been distributed and it is tomorrow!!Is it before the show or after the show??

  2. FredS avatar

    When are we supposed to receive information for the times on the meet and greet?

  3. alleygator avatar

    Usually the Meet & Greet pkg. you bought will require you to go to the ticket booth to get your tix & your VIP lanard to get backstage access after the show. It will be interesting to see what seats you get as they are not defined in the sales package. The M &G is a quick photo opp. & on to the next guest so dont expect much conversation if any from the band, etc. Hope it is all worthwhile for you !

  4. mlheintz avatar

    When will info follow for the Diamond Package? I have my email receipt, but all it states is "will call". It doesn't have details of timing, etc. for the Meet & Greet or collection of any of the other items.

  5. alleygator avatar

    Whats the deal? Initially it was Gen. Admission in the "Pit" & now it's labeled as "ConcertTicket".
    I realize this is a virgin concert venue as it is a new baseball park but we need to know where are VIP seats are. Please advise!

  6. airtex1947 avatar

    whats the difference between diamond and gold?

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