Mansfield, MA

09/08/12 Time TBA
Lynyrd Skynyrd (headliner)
ZZ Top
Comcast Center
885 S Main Street
Mansfield , MA 02048
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  1. Bstang1 avatar

    How about the lithograph?

  2. Victoria avatar

    Hi Bart,

    Thanks so much for taking the time!!!!! Below is the email I received 3 hours ago, also was able to actually speak to someone. there. thank goodness I at least have one less thing to worry about.
    Now they are talking stormy weather!!

    But again thanks so much!!!!

    VIP Information for September 8th

    Hello Everyone,

    This is a one-time informational email for the upcoming ZZ TOP VIP event taking place at Comcast Center on 09/08/12.

    Please plan for traffic and arrive at the box office between 6:00pm - 7:00pm. Inform the box office attendant that you are there to pick up your VIP envelope including your VIP laminate.

    If you have purchased a Diamond VIP Package, you will also find a letter in your envelope informing you when and where to meet for your VIP Meet and Greet. The Meet and Greet will be taking place at 11:00pm.

    For all you twitter users out there, make sure to follow the groundctrl VIP account to stay up to date with the most exciting VIP packages available!

    Have a question? Please contact our Customer Support by submitting a support request at Additionally, for urgent matters you may call 1-877-GND-CTRL / Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 5:30pm PST

    Be safe and have a great show!

  3. Barton avatar

    Hi Joao, Hi Vicky,

    This just in, the “Will Call” for picking up VIP Envelopes at the Box-Office will be between 6:00-7:00pm and the “Meet and Greet” will be at 11:00pm, (thus after the show, if anyone was wondering about that). The parking lot opens at 3:30pm, the doors open at 6:00pm, and the show starts at 7:00pm.


  4. Barton avatar

    Hi Joao, Hi Vicky,

    I'm a person going to the show and my friend bought VIP tickets, so we spoke while I was purchasing my tickets online and we reviewed what was going to be required of him to pick up his VIP tickets. Joao, I did call the Comcast center box-office (508-339-2331) to let them know of your issue and I took away from the conversation, that both of you, Joao and Vicky, will be able to pick up your tickets at the Box-Office. At a specified time "Will Call" will be called, where you will want to have your:
    1. Credit card
    2. Printed receipt ( of the transaction)
    3. License or Passport.
    … and head to the Box-Office to get you tickets.

    That’s it. I hope you enjoy the show; I’m at seat (Sec 2. Row N. Seat 30), hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Victoria avatar

    Me too!! No tickets I purchased 6 in June. No answer, no nothing from anyone, this is supposed to be fun!!! I may even have an extra ticket due to a no show. Diamond: section 2 row B. Going to keep trying to get answers. I just would like suggest to anyone else in my position to print everything. There seems to be two different prints depending on what you hit. Make sure the scan box is also in there, and your seat locations and numbers. Good thing I purchased ink. Please don’t let this be a scam!!



  6. hardrocker avatar

    Hi guys

    I was reading the forum messages and realized that this is going on for along time, specially with the VIPs experiences (glad didn´t buy those).
    How come the band (or management) is still working with Ground Ctrl LLC???????
    A band like ZZ Top doesn´t need to be in this situation...or they dont care???
    I am still in my little island and will fly tomorrow morning to Boston (5.30h flight) with no tickets for the show (I have only the receipt download online and trough ZZ Top website)...fingers crossed.

    Hope see you all the show

  7. hardrocker avatar

    My receipt says it would be sent to the adress in the USA that I indicated...
    I emailed Ground Ctrl and they said it would be delivered 2 to 3 weeks before the show...but nothing!!!

    Joao Pimentel - Azores Islands

  8. hardrocker avatar

    Hi Barton

    Are you from the agency?
    Or you just picked this info from a website?
    You say "If you were able to choose Will Call for your tickets" well I didn´t chose that. They were supposed to send the tickets to an adress in the United States and they didn´t till now...I bought the tickets August 1st...


  9. Barton avatar

    Hello Everyone:

    Will Call
    Most venues, which sell tickets via Ticketmaster, offer what is called a "Will Call" Box Office, through which you can pick your tickets up right at the event prior to the show. If you were able to choose Will Call for your tickets, then it is available for your event. Box office rules and hours vary. Some may not be open until an hour prior to event time, while others may be open during regular business hours every day. Some buildings advise patrons to arrive very early to pick up tickets to avoid long lines. In the United States, most venues will not let you pick up your tickets from will call until the day of the event. In Canada, many venues will let you pick up your tickets before the day of the event--see below if you plan to pick up your tickets at will call in Canada before the day of the event.

    In order to pick up your tickets, you may be required to present:
    Your valid state (if a resident of the United States) or government issued (if a resident of Canada or other country) photo ID, driver's license or passport. A valid ID must be duly issued by a government agency and include a photo and a signature.
    The credit card you used to purchase the tickets.
    Your confirmation number.
    The box office will not release tickets if the name on the ID and credit card does not match the name used to purchase the tickets from Ticketmaster or if the photo on the ID does not appear to be the photo of the person retrieving the tickets. To find out what other types of photo ID are acceptable at the venue's Will Call, please contact the venue directly.

    If you decide to pick up your tickets at will call before the day of the event (and the venue allows you to do so), you may not be able to do so until more than 2 business days after you have ordered them. For example, if a ticket is purchased on Saturday (i.e., not a business day) the ticket cannot be picked up until the following Wednesday. This restriction does not apply if the event is occurring during that time.

    Please note that if you are attending an event in Canada, even if you selected will call as your delivery option you can still pick your tickets up at a Canadian Ticket Centre.

    International Will Call for US Events
    If you order tickets to a U.S. event and you have a billing address that is outside of the United States and Canada, then you may be obligated to use international will call and may have to place your order at least 10 days prior to the event. You must provide an email address, along with a local telephone number where you can be contacted up to the day of the event. Tickets will be held in will call at the venue box office where the event will take place.


  10. Greenamyer avatar

    Correction: the only info I have is what I read off of the emailed receipt from the order. That says the Delivery Method is "will call".
    Also the info below is from the web site customer support tab.
    VIP check in times are generally confirmed within 48 hours of the event at the latest. VIP events generally take place 2 hours before the listed concert door time, so please be prepared to arrive at the venue early. Depending on the event, the check in time will either be posted to the event page where the VIP was purchased from or an email will be sent to the purchaser within a couple days of the event with the check in details.

    Please contact us directly if you do not know what the meet up time is by the morning of the event. You are responsible for knowing when to show up for the VIP experience.
    My plan is to get to the Comcast Center around 3:30 and go to the "will call" window, they should have my tickets.

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