CAMPAIGNS: What Are They?

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Welcome to the brand new Club Taco!

If you're reading this - you made it to the Campaigns page. Another great perk of being a member of the Community.

What are Campaigns? They're similar to Contests, but require a little more participation to end up being a winner.

If you enter a campaign be prepared to submit something unique. It could be a video, or a photo, or text of some sort (a blog about the last ZZ Top show you attended for example). And just like Contests, there will be a winner. Maybe even multiple winners. The prize options are many.

So get ready, Campaigns will be on this page for you to enter very soon.


- You must be a registered member of Club Taco to participate
- Click the button to enter
- Sumbit your file
- Click "Finish"
- Profanity / Vulgarity will not be tolerated
- One entry person

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