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    ZZ TOP

  2. The scheduled concert appearance of ZZ Top and 3 Door Down on Saturday, June 9th at the Wind Creek Hotel & Casino Amphitheater was cancelled based on a determination that structural condition of the stage made it unsafe for the performers, their crews and the audience.

    ZZ Top issued the following statement, once it was confirmed that both ZZ and 3DD wouldn't be able to perform:

    "We're definitely from 'the show must go on' school but had to draw the line this time when we found out that numerous hazards were present at the venue. We couldn't, in good conscience, do the show knowing that the safety for those on and off stage would be in jeopardy. We had hoped the situation would have been addressed and corrected by show time but, sadly, that wasn't the case so we just had to 'pull the plug' for the sake of all concerned. We hope our fans and friends understand that the decision that was made was the only one we could abide in light of those conditions."

  3. Thanks..!

    June 8, 2012 by User 12 Comments

    Just sending a sincere "Thanks..!" for pumping up a sizzle surrounding the iTunes "TEXICALI" 4 song digital download. A fine reception, indeed…!  We'll see ya' at the ZZ TOP show and have a ball.  XOXO  Billy, Frank, and, Dusty


    June 5, 2012 by User 27 Comments

    Today is the day!! Texicali, a four track digital collection from ZZ Top that offers the first new studio recordings from “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas” in nine years, is available now. The four new songs, available from iTunes and all digital retail outlets, offer a preview of the group’s full-length album, as yet untitled, that will be released on American Recordings late this summer or early fall. Those purchasing the four songs will benefit from a pro-rated discount on the purchase of the full album when it is released.

  5. Listen to "Chartreuse"

    June 4, 2012 by User 5 Comments

    Take a listen to brand new song "Chartreuse" on RollingStone.com now! The brand new ZZ Top EP "Texicali" out TOMORROW June 5th on iTunes! http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/song-premiere-zz-top-chartreuse-20120604

  6. ZZ Top will release a four-song digital collection called Texicali, but you can hear one of those cuts, a stunning piece of boozy, bluesy greatness called "Consumption", right now on MusicRadar.com. Listen here: http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/song-premiere-zz-top-return-with-the-blues-stunner-consumption-546713#.T8jF7KESGkY.facebook

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